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Before ascending to the right hand of the Father, our Lord Jesus set out a clear and compelling goal for His Church: to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). Our goal is straightforward – to make disciples whose entire lives are marked by:

CRAVING GOD – a hunger and thirst to know and experience more and more of our great God, so we can grow up in our salvation.

CRAZY FAITH – the kind of faith in Christ that leads those around us to mutter, “you’re crazy to trust Him like that!”

COSTLY LOVE – a willingness to lay down our pride, time, rights, and resources in order to sacrificially love others like Jesus.

COURAGEOUS OBEDIENCE – the choice to obey our Father God’s will for holy living as revealed in Scripture, even when no one else is.

COMMITTED SERVICE – going “all in” as we serve Jesus wherever He puts us, whenever He calls us, doing whatever He asks.

CONTAGIOUS JOY – living in such a way that others “catch” the joy of knowing and serving Jesus, no matter our circumstances.


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