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Scripture is amazingly clear that our Father God chose you before the foundation of the heavens and earth to be His child, through the forgiveness of sins granted to each one of us through the blood of Jesus Christ (see Ephesians 1). He chose you. And He chooses you still.

Perhaps more importantly, our Father God wants you to know Him. He gave the fullest revelation of His heart, His plans, His will, and His Kingdom in Jesus, His Son. He makes His heart known through every page of the Bible. And His Spirit lives within every Christian, that we might truly know our God!

Jesus said in John 10 that we can know His voice, hear Him when He calls, and live in absolute certainty that He calls our name and draws us to Himself. That’s what we mean by knowing Him – a close, deep, vibrant, growing relationship with a very real, very alive God!

Whether you’ve never before met Jesus or have known Him for decades, He is ready to let you know Him even more. Our God is a Person with a personality, the ability to speak, and a real desire for relationship. Why not begin getting to know Him more by simply talking to Him, listening for Him to speak, opening His Word, and making intentional time to be with Him?

Then, join us on this journey together with our Savior and Healer. No one gets to know our God in isolation. The Triune God uses an entire community of faith to make Himself known!


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